Our Team

Arrow Advisors is comprised of a team of a CPAs with years of experience
providing accounting services. More than accountants, we’re financial planners
that understand the the importance of taking a strategic approach to tax
planning and wealth management.

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Arrow Advisors started as a tax and accounting firm called Tax Pros in 2011. After years of counseling clients on a breadth of tax matters, our firm realized the value that CPAs can provide. We have more to offer than tax general tax help and accounting. Our diverse and experienced team of CPA financial advisors can provide the strategic planning required to reach your short and long-term wealth management goals. 

Devon Liljenquist| Certified Public Accountant

Tyler Snook | Certified Public Accountant

Matthew Pedersen | Certified Public Accountant

Michael Pedersen | Senior Accountant

RaeLynn Woodman | Senior Accountant

Franki Paul | Office Manager/Accounting & Payroll Specialist

Kevin Laluyan | Staff Accountant

Nicole Philippot | Staff Accountant

Trust Has its Rewards

 If you trust us with your finances we will not only show you that your trust is well-informed,
but we’ll also promise that we’ll deliver on your goals.