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We believe that transparent pricing is important. The list below shows our minimum pricing for tax return preparation. Keep in mind that these are minimum prices for clients that provide organized records. Any additional work required to clean up records, total expenses, or deal with unique tax situations will result in additional charges. Multiple states may result in additional charges.

Individual Pricing

Minimum Base Fee
Single Filer – $300

Married Filing Joint – $400

All other filing statuses – $350

Pricing for special forms

Schedule A for Itemized Deductions – $150

Form 8606 for Backdoor ROTH – $80

Schedule D for reporting gains and losses on stock transactions – $75 ($30 for each additional brokerage account)

Schedule C for reporting profit or loss for a business $300-$600+ depending on complexity and business records

Schedule E for reporting income and expenses from rental real estate – $100 ($60 for each additional property)

Additional fee in year of purchase for adding new rental properties to depreciation schedule – $100 ($60 for each additional property)

Schedule K-1 received – $100 ($65 for each additional K1)

1031 Exchange Recording (Form 8824) – $600 per property

Schedule F (Profit or Loss from Farming) – $400+

Pass-Through Entity Pricing

Form 1120-S (S-Corporation Tax Return)

  • $800 if Schedule L is not required.        
  • $1,200 is Schedule L is required

Form 1065 (Multi-Member LLC/Partnership Tax Return)

  • $650 – Real Estate holding company (No Balance Sheet)
  • $1,000 – Real Estate Holding Company (Balance Sheet Required)
  • $800 – Operating Business (No Balance Sheet)
  • $1,200 – (Balance Sheet Required)

Corporate Return Pricing

Form 1120 (C-Corporation Tax Return)

  • $1,800

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